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We also found that it could read as well as burn Blu ray discs. The exterior of the drive is very strong which makes it durable. The reading speeds were good and we also found that we could burn Blu ray discs quite fast. The Biscon was a very simple to use external Blu ray drive.

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There was no need to add drivers and we also found that it was compatible with both Windows and Mac OS which we liked. The Biscon had very fast reading and we could also burn Blu ray discs within a very short time. However, we found that the drive had some issues reading 4k Blu ray discs. It also kept skipping when we were playing DVDs.

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It looked highly durable and could last a long time. We found that it was also very fast when writing Blu ray discs. We liked that it comes with a dual positioning where we could lay it flat on the desk or vertical. We also found that we needed drivers to use the drive which it did not come with.

We want our reviews to be the most up to date on the web. The most recent update to this page on July 25th They can also store several hours of video far more than the regular DVD. A Blu ray drive is simply a computer drive that can read Blu ray discs as well as burn them. Blu ray drives allow one to burn a CD with even more data. Second, while Blu ray CDs may not be compatible with the DVD player, you can still play them on the Blu ray drive making it a versatile option.

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If you are fan of video games, then you may be aware that some of these games are quite large requiring a cd that can hold a higher capacity. Blu ray drives allow you to play large games. However, there is a downside to Blu ray technology. The first has to do with the price as it is quite expensive.

Second, Blu-ray discs cannot be played on the normal DVD player meaning that you will need extra hardware to play the content that you burn with the Blu-ray drive.

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Most external Blu ray drives lay flat while there are those that stand on their sides. Your ideal choice will depend on your own personal preference. However, a Blu ray drive that lays flat is more stable. One of the main functions of Blu ray drives is to burn Blu ray discs. Different models come with different speeds. The best drive will allow you to burn the discs fast. Blu ray drives support different formats. It is therefore important to ensure that the drive will serve your particular purpose otherwise you may find yourself with hardware that does not fulfill your interest.

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You should also look for a Blu ray drive that supports the layering process whereby information is placed on top of the other while burning. This means that you can store even more data. You can play a Blu ray disc on a computer provided the drive is Blu ray compatible.

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If not, an external Blu ray drive can be connected to enable this function. It comes with a plug and play functionality, is super-fast and supports 3D Blu-ray disc. It is plug and play and requires no driver. Fast reading and performance and comes with a sleek design. Rating 4. Check stock Tell us where you are to check stock:. Add to Trolley. Add to Your Wishlist. Writes to 12cm and 8cmcm disc.

Weight 0. Size H1. Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee. EAN: Ease of use. Yes, I recommend this product. Yes 0 No 0. Victor Location:. PC1 Location:. Yes MakeMKV is simply to use and still free! I got a very cheap usb powered drive off amazon and it works a treat. Dec 29, at PM.

AndySee , Dec 29, Is there any benefit for an external powered drive vs USB?

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Scotty Pro , Dec 29, I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but there will be no difference in a powered drive, the only thing the power is for is to work the drive mechanism. Ripping speed will depend on both the speed of the machine reading the discs and the computer to buffer to the hard disk, the Samsung is a USB 2.

Like I said, not an expert but that is the way I see it.

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Dec 30, at AM. AndySee , Dec 30, My thoughts on power.. A higher power drive might be more stable or spin faster or increase transfer rate, USB power is limited to 0. If it doesn't matter then less power draw is preferable of course. Transfer rate is probably limited by drive transfer rate, therefore interface of USB 2 probably not the limiting factor.