Kerbal space program quickload mac

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  6. Now Xbox One owners will be able to experience the heartbreak of losing a Kerbal too.?

Thanks for fixing that by the way. Not completely true. So far it's been working well.

Cult PC Sim Kerbal Space Program Set For Xbox One Release - GameSpot

As for the shortcut the proper alias will pop up in the dock when you open the game from the KSP folder, then select the alias icon to stay in the dock. Steam client does not start on High Sierra, so I cannot even download the game. LOL, I used Virtualbox to run Sierra to launch Steam and download the game, then I copied the game from guest Sierra to host High Sierra and was able to launch the game, and it worked without any problems and needing to use CLI options.

PS: Time to sleep. Cannot figure out how to attach my system log and ksp log to this forum per Badie's request Didn't want to bombard the forum with all the raw text. You wrote the option with two dashes in your post, but it needs to be just one dash for the game to recognize it. Check that you were using "-force-opengl", not "--force-opengl". Gah, force of habit, unix standard and all that. Of course Unity doesn't follow the convention.

Update to my earlier post. Using "-force-opengl" with a single dash rather than double dash did not work either. Still got a hang at "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions". However, I found a suggestion on another thread to try copying the entire KSP folder to the root level of the HDD and launch from there. That did work for me. That sounds like a different problem, maybe related to deeply-nested folders causing a path to be too long.

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  • The problem that arose in High Sierra, and that "-force-opengl" fixes for at least some people, is that KSP starts without problems but then stutters badly while playing. I suffer from the same issue, screen flickering, Mac lagging and non-responsive KSP. Here is the KSP. I'd guess it's caused by the same thing that let's me play but either way, I can't wait for a proper fix to make it smooth again.

    Thanks for the help guys! Bye bye MacBook. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

    Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Answer this question Ask a question. Posted October 5, If you have already updated to High Sierra there are a couple recommendations that could help you: - Run KSP with the -force-opengl argument, here is how you can set the argument on Steam. Here is how to create partitions - If you have a recent Time Machine backup from before you installed High Sierra, you can roll back your installation to Sierra or whatever macOS version you had before.

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    Kerbal Space Program

    Recommended Posts. Posted October 8, Posted October 7, edited.

    Edited October 7, by Wyzard. Posted January 10, Notes: When I downloaded the zip file, expanded it, and tried running, I got a black screen, no loading images or progress bar. I deleted that whole folder, downloaded and ran the installer, and all is shiny and bright. I have no mods installed at the moment. I believe the only changes to settings that I've made are setting the resolution to the max for my external monitor x , enabling full screen display, and setting "Advanced Tweakables".

    Posted October 6, Posted October 7, Posted October 8, edited. Posted October 14, Posted October 15, edited. Posted October 20, edited. Edited October 20, by Yakky. Posted October 21, edited. I stabbed at my keyboard and reminded myself for the millionth time that I had Stickykeys enabled. I swiveled the craft, hoping that the additional forces would knock him unconscious.

    Kerbal Space Program game hotkeys

    Nothing worked, and he grinned all the way to his death. RIP, Jebediah Kerman. You were one of the good ones. I vowed then to never risk another Kerbalnaut. KSP really requires a second monitor. Right now I have the controls wiki , and this video series open on mine. I could hug you, Wernher Von Kerman. Along with the command pod, rocket, and fuel, all I needed was an Advanced S.

    Maneuvering up here is functionally the same as the on the planet: you can thrust, and control the yaw and tilt of the craft.

    Philosophy of Moderation

    That involves a few considerations: your prograde and retrograde vectors, which basically means where your velocity is taking you and where the opposite of that would be. I watched as the ellipses changed, and instead of immediately circling my home planet, I was in the grip of its child. There was no script at that moment. I swung the craft around and burned fast and hard. I was in orbit. What now? But now I need some help. Any must-have mods, or a mod-manager? Is any of what I want possible? Tagged with indie , Kerbal Space Program.

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