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Aplos is not ideal for companies in need of a lot of users. The robust features, strong security, and affordable pricing make this software a good choice for nonprofits looking to manage their donations and expenses. To learn more about Aplos, request a demo or take advantage of their free day trial. Large organizations and in need of fund accounting or nonprofits needing Medicaid billing or foster care support.

FundE-Z is by far the one of the most complex and developed of the programs on this list. The company prides itself on being completely up to date on nonprofit accounting industry standards. Since FundE-Z is so comprehensive, it does come at a steeper cost, but the features of the software cover nearly anything you can think of. While complex, FundE-Z uses intuitive organization and design so you can learn the software faster. FundE-Z comes as either a cloud-based product or a locally-installed program.

Contact FundE-Z directly for a custom quote. You can add Medicaid billing, foster care support, fundraising, and fixed assets for an additional cost. FundE-Z is ideal for large nonprofits and nonprofits with complex accounting needs and is great for organizations needing Medicaid billing or foster care support.

This is one of the only programs I feel truly ensures that nonprofits have accurate accounts and are meeting all federal nonprofit regulations. While these comprehensive features are a huge plus, they come at a steep price, making the software an unrealistic solution for smaller nonprofits or nonprofits on a strict budget.

The software is also not ideal for nonprofits that require payroll. Ultimately, FundE-Z offers some of the most complex accounting solutions available for the non-profit sector and could be worth the investment if you need a strong chart of accounts and pristine accounting. Medium-sized nonprofits with a decent staff size looking for fund accounting and grant management. First founded in , Blackbaud has had a long time to secure its name and reputation in the nonprofit accounting world.

The company offers dozens of different products designed for various organizations and nonprofits. Financial Edge NXT is a cloud accounting solution for mid-sized nonprofits that is used by over 5, organizations. The software offers strong accounting and basic nonprofit features. The interface is beautifully designed and well organized. The company also offers strong security and free chat support. Financial Edge provides a wide array of features and meets the accounting standards nonprofits need. Some of these features include:. Blackbaud does not publicly disclose pricing information.

Contact Blackbaud directly to receive an estimate. As one of the leading names in nonprofit fund accounting, Blackbaud delivers great features. The question of pricing is still a huge factor for many nonprofits, but the features are worth a look at the very least. To learn more about Blackbaud, attend a webinar or contact their sales team directly. Small nonprofits looking for an easy to use accounting system as well as customizable nonprofit tools.

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On its own, Quickbooks Online see our review is a great double-entry accounting program with beautiful invoicing, a chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, reporting, project management, budgeting, and more. The cool thing about Sumac is that you can customize it to fit the needs of whatever type of nonprofit you run. With Sumac, you start by purchasing the Basic CRM and then buying any other add-ons your nonprofit needs.

The Basic CRM includes:. Here are the additional features that you can add to Sumac note: prices for these add-ons vary :. If you require something beyond these offerings, you can purchase a custom add-on as well. This accounting package is easy to use and offers the strong accounting features most small to mid-sized businesses need.

For nonprofits already trying to make QuickBooks Online work, Sumac is a great addition that offers much-needed tools. Churches in need of church-specific nonprofit management and an easy to use accounting software.

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As we mentioned earlier, Quickbooks Online see our review is a great accounting program with beautiful invoicing, a chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, reporting, project management, budgeting, and more. Founded in , Breeze was designed specifically to be a functioning, affordable church management software option for small to medium-sized churches. Of all the church software we researched, Breeze offered the most modern UI, practical features, and affordable pricing. Breeze offers great features that address the specific needs of churches very well.

Here are some of the most notable features:.

Why nonprofit accounting software is better

Breeze offers an impressive number of features that are beneficial to real churches. Larger churches may outgrow the software, but Breeze is definitely still worth giving a look. To learn more about Breeze, visit their website to start an instant demo ; to learn more about QuickBooks Online, read our complete QuickBooks Online review or start a free day trial.

Zoho Books see our review has been a long favorite of ours at Merchant Maverick, boasting strong accounting, beautiful invoicing, international support, and enough other features to rival QuickBooks Online. This cloud-based accounting nonprofit accounting software is easy to use and offers strong mobile apps.

Many larger nonprofits will find this option too limited, but for nonprofits looking for an affordable way to keep the books, this could be the way to go. Read our full Zoho Books review to learn more, or get started with a free day trial. Large nonprofits with a generous budget in need of strong fund accounting and donor management. There are also tons of integration options and built-in customer support. Custom quotes are created for each individual organization.

The software could also work for smaller, growing organizations that are willing to pay the cost to make sure their grants are handled correctly. Existing QuickBooks Premier users who need a way to manage donors, grants, and programs. QuickBooks has been a big name in accounting since the 90s. QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit is an edition of QuickBooks Premier designed specifically to offer donor management, grants, and more to nonprofits. The software can be a bit expensive and is locally-installed, meaning it lacks the mobility of the cloud-based alternatives on this list.

1. QuickBooks

That being said, it still may be a good accounting software for nonprofits looking for a locally-installed option. While QuickBooks Premier offers an impressive number of features, the nonprofit-specific features are a bit limited. Here are the offerings:. QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit may be a good option for existing QuickBooks Premier users; however, the software is pretty limited in comparison to the other options on this list.

This option is also not ideal for organizations with a lot of users, as the cost of additional users can add up quickly. If you are still interested in QuickBooks Premier, be sure to do your due diligence. Large nonprofits with a generous budget in need of fund accounting and K12 board management. Founded in , SparkRock is a fund accounting program helping over 25, organizations.

While the software is potentially the most expensive of the whole list, we left it in the post for one key reason: K12 board management. SparkRock is the only software on the list to offer this feature. It also offers HR and training and certificate management. If your nonprofit organization is in need of these features, then the price may be worth the tradeoff.

SparkRock creates a custom quote for every organization, although they do offer price ranges to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. I hope you sign up for a free trial of Aplos nonprofit accounting software and see if the time saved makes it worth your while. Never hesitate to ask our support team for help getting set up!

Best of luck! We're currently experiencing this exact problem. As someone who's previously used "real" accounting programs, I won't use QB, as I've never found it sufficiently flexible, and at least several years ago, found several inherent problems, including poor agings.

Nonprofit Accounting Software

One thing the original poster might look at is the possibility of making donors "customers" in their new financial software, especially if it allows fund accounting. However, I still haven't found a good solution for tracking prospects, both customers and donors. It seems as much as I've resisted, I'll probably have to opt for cloud-based. I, too, have a very limited budget - but a complex situation demanding more than off the shelf solutions. My NFP does interest-free micro loans, with cosigners attached to each one, so I need to pull reports on both, in addition to donors!

Any possible solutions I've seen, doing everything we need, have been cost-prohibitive. I'm wiling to self-implement to contain costs and realize I'll probably end up using the cloud. I'd greatly appreciate hearing from anyone with viable suggestions. Many thanks! Fund accounting software that integrates with Quickbooks. We've just paid for Aplos and are finding out that the donor management is rather very restrictive and inadequate. We are a new c3 and are seriously looking at it.

Join TechSoup. The place for nonprofits, charities, and libraries. Hello there! You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Posted by rweiner on 21 Jul AM. Posted by rweiner on 21 Jul PM. Here's her advice: The non profit version isn't actually much different from the regular one--the main difference is that it provides a proposed chart of accounts but I usually need to customize it , and it renames some of the reports e.

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I hope that helps. Posted by Sasha on 24 Jul AM. Hi Chicago Jen, I agree with what Robert has said, and just want to chime in to add a few supporting details. Hope that helps, Sasha. Posted by lzrich on 5 Aug AM.

5 Free or Low-Cost Nonprofit Accounting Software Options

Posted by lsprowls on 19 Aug AM. Obtain a PC which will actually run the software that you need. Integrate Quickbooks and DonorPerfect. Posted by lsprowls on 20 Aug AM. Posted by iconnect-international on 6 Mar PM. New here? If you'd like to participate, join us. If you're already a member, log in. Search for a specific post? Rate This. Log In to Reply.