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LinQ Software Free. Smart board software for pc free download. Think of the interactive overlay as an. Shwaas In Hindi p Kickass. June 14, Jodhaa Akbar Telugu Movie Download p. Meri Padosan The Movie. June 13, Recent Posts. This is the title of your second post. June 10, This is the title of your first post. July 1, Featured Posts. January 7, Share on Facebook. The equipment might not operate correctly if it is connected without the software being installed. The Setup Wizard starts automatically.

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If the Setup Wizard does not start automatically, browse with Windows Explorer to find and run the [setup. When you click [StarBoard Software 9. CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.

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The setup starting screen is displayed. Click [Next]. The [Important Information] screen is displayed. Carefully read the information, and click [Next]. The [License Agreement] screen is displayed. Carefully read the Software License Agreement. If you agree with the Agreement, select [I accept the terms in the license agreement], and click [Next]. The [Custom Setup] screen is displayed. If you want to install as default settings, just click [Next]. If you want to install only required modules for your environment and want to save up disk space, you can customize this installation by this screen.

A pop-up menu is shown when the disk icon placed the left side of each items is clicked.

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Also, you can change the directory where the software will be installed. The [Ready to Install the Program] screen is displayed. When you click on [Install], installation of the StarBoard Software will begin. On Windows 7, [Would you like to install this device software? Please click [Install].

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When this dialog has shown, please click [Restart Later]. During installation, The [i-learn: math toolbox] screen is displayed if you selected i-learn: math toolbox at [Custom Setup] screen. Click [Next] and follow the instructions of the installation procedure. The language selection screen for the character recognition is displayed while installing MyScript Stylus. Only English United States is checked by default. If you want to use other language, you have to check the language on the language selection screen.

Either of the following message dialogs will be displayed when you start the computer without connecting the StarBoard after MyScript Stylus is installed: Cannot find StarBoard Driver. Please install it. Requested hardware missing. Please check minimum requirements. After installation, the setup finishing screen is displayed. Depending on your computer, restarting confirmation screen is displayed.

In this case, be sure to restart your computer before you start StarBoard Software. When the installation is completed, StarBoard Software can be started from the Start menu. Alternatively, to start the software, you can use the StarBoard Software icon on the desktop. The disc icon is displayed on your desktop, then double-click the disc icon. When the disc contents are displayed, double-click the [Setup StarBoard Software] icon. A confirmation screen about the contents of the installer is displayed.

Do not subject to shock of impact. This product is a precision instrument. Excessive shock of impact may hinder further operation. Take extreme care when moving this product. Improper work may result in death or personal injury due to the product falling during operation.

Hitachi Starboard Software Tutorial: Video 4 - Using Text With Students

Always use the specified mounting unit. Improper assembly may cause the product to fall over. There is risk of personal injury if the product falls over. Completely tighten the screws of all individual parts. Install this product on a flat wall. Installing this product on an uneven wall such as bumpy or curved surfaces may cause the product to operate improperly or fall over, resulting in personal injury or product malfunction.

Do not place in a location with flammable or corrosive gas. Placing this product in a location where there is flammable or corrosive gas may result in fire or damage to this product. There is a particular danger of explosion in the case of flammable gas. Directly toughing internally mounted parts inside this product may result in personal injury or damage to this product. Do not place in locations subject to excess moisture, dust, smoke, or steam.

Placement in a location such as next to a kitchen or a humidifier may result in fire or damage to this product. Do not use this product near water. If water somehow gets inside this product, immediately disconnect the USB cable and contact a support center. Continued use may result in fire or damage to this product.

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Do not use this product in locations subject to high temperature or high humidity. Do not set up this product in a location subject to vibration or shock of impact. Do not set up this product near a high-voltage line or power source. If this product is set up near high-voltage lines or power sources, it might receive interference. Do not set up in a location subject to direct sunlight or near a heater.

Failure to comply may result in deformation of or damage to this product. When disposing of this product, the user should follow all laws and regulations of the locality in which it is being used. However, unanticipated circumstances might occur. When operating this product, users themselves must exercise caution as well as follow instructions. Warnings Contents Page s Install this product on a vertical and flat surface. Do not install this product on a slanting surface, ceiling or uneven wall.

Otherwise, the equipment might fall, possibly resulting in injury, or the impact might cause product failure. Installation by means not suited to the wall material in question may result in the board falling. Furthermore, wall installation may not be possible depending on the wall. For details, consult with your dealer. Only use this product after confirming that it is securely attached and will not fall. Furthermore, be sure to install using a wall-mounting bracket capable of supporting a weight of at least 50 kg.

Failure to comply may cause the board to fall, resulting in personal injury, or may cause damage to this product due to shock of impact from the board falling. Failure to comply may cause the board to fall, resulting in personal injury, or may cause damage to this product due to shock of impact. Failure to comply may result in damage to the stylus pen or personal injury.

It may cause of malfunction. Failure to comply may result in damage on the board surface. When inputting to this product, use a tool that is at least 7 mm. If a pen or similar tool with a thickness of less than 7 mm is used, the input will be unstable. Also, do not use tools with a sharp tip, such as a ballpoint pen. If such a tool is used incorrectly, it could damage the surface of the board. Introduction 1. First-time users of StarBoard should read through this chapter. After setting up the provided software on a PC that is connected to a projector, you can use your finger or the stylus pen option that is included with the product to operate the PC or import to the PC in real time characters or images that are drawn on the whiteboard.

Two pen types are available: the stylus pen that is included with the product. It is effective for class and presentation. The input characters or drawn images are imported as digital data in real time into the PC, where they can be saved or printed. This makes it easy to use video materials in lessons or presentations. Name Qty. Hang it in the appropriate place on the stand. Refer to the next page for details.

When using the StarBoard in Projection Mode, make sure that the image projected from the projector is kept within this area. After setting up the StarBoard, be sure to lock the casters. Lift up the tab to unlock a caster and press down the tab to lock it. Locked Unlocked 1 2 3 4 1 Use by clicking the middle of the symbol with your pen or finger.

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When using Windows, all buttons except for the one-time right click switching button can be customized. You cannot customize the shortcuts with the software for Mac. Refer to the online help for details. The default settings are as follows. Symbol Description Symbol Description Select one-time right click.

Select Solid Pen red.

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Adds a new blank page. Select Solid Pen blue. Show previous page. Select Solid Pen green. Show next page. Select Fluorescent Marker Pen.

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Select Eraser. Switch to PC Operation. Installing the board on to the wall in a way that does not suite the wall material, may result in the board falling off the wall causing injuries or damage to the board. Keep the wall strength in mind when installing. The wall-mounting brackets are provided with the StarBoard. Use mm diameter screws Follow the diagram below to install the board on the stand.