Descargar perian para mac os x

The benefit of this is that Flip4Mac 3. However, audio codecs are bit now. Overall, the introduction of Flip Player is the major innovation in Flip4Mac 3.

Versión oficial del reproductor MPlayer para Mac OS X

It offers some powerful features that aren't available in the free version of QuickTime, and it's very well designed to suit the look of OS X. However, it lacks some of the features of QuickTime such as screen recording and some users may feel it's not quite as slick as Apple's own player.


This is best conversion ever helping me to play my slide presentation for medical students. Did not work. Flip4Mac does not work - period!. Flip4Mac does not work. I paid for it.

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I have done everything that people on the various fora suggest. It does not work. I am sick and tired of software manufacturers selling sub-standard products.

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This program failed to install. It doesn't appear to have an update - looks like a rip-off!!!!! This is NOT free software!. The installer requires you to purchase a license before it'll allow you to install anything. It misleads yo u into thinking it's free software until you get to the license screen in the installer. However, the license is very cheap - under 4 British Pounds not sure what it is in US money so it's kinda still worth it I guess - just would be nicer to have been up-front about this cost instead of waiting until you're already installing it.

Pros: Nice, easy to use software. Good, clean interface.

Perian extends QuickTime support for many popular types of media

Cons: it's NOT free software - requires a license to be purchased More. This player has a massive play icon in the top corner and it r uins the viewing experience. What kind of thought of that idea? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description.

VLC media player for Mac - Download

Elmedia's features at a glance:. Once you are done with installation, restart all applications running QuickTime - these could be iTunes, QuickTime Player, web-browsers, etc. Now you can playback videos of these formats using QuickTime. Perian Alternative for macOS.

Top choice.

The Perian Project Team members

Elmedia 4. Get free website version.

Simply the best multi-format media player

Olga Weis At some point Perian was the perfect solution to any codec problems in QuickTime. Elmedia Player. Requirements: OS X Version 7. Check free website version. Wait for your download to finish then run the app. Add files Elmedia offers several ways to add files to it for your convenience: - Drag and drop the files in its open window or on the player's Dock icon. Elmedia's features at a glance: can play FLV, DIVX, DAT, etc; built-in web browser to browse online videos from the app; you can create and manage playlists; adjustable video image; adjustable playback speed; high quality playback with band graphic equalizer, video tuner, etc; hardware acceleration for smooth HD playback; external audio tracks are supported; you can make precise screenshots during movie playback using Control-Command-S shortcut or convert the whole video into a set of images that can be saved in different formats; adjustable audio settings; stream music and videos from Elmedia Player PRO to AirPlay devices and receive AirPlay content with Elmedia Player PRO.

A quick guide to using Perian for QuickTime: 1.