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Don't worry -- all your messages are already saved in your exported Archive.

A better way to archive email in Apple Mail - CNET

Click Continue and navigate to the exported archive s on your Mac, select the right collection and click Choose. In a little while, all your archived mails will reappear in Mail. Find the ones you need and copy, print or move them. Now, you can delete the Archived Mail you just imported Right-click, Delete Mailbox -- all your archived mail remains safe in the originally exported box.

This is how to cut clutter from Mail without losing any important messages. I agree it's an unwieldy process, so I'm looking at several third-party Mail archiving solutions that should be more straightforward to use for a future post. Got a story? Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing mainly about Apple and technology since Here are the latest Insider stories.

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macOS: Archiving Messages from Apple Mail (Redux!)

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  • Tips to help you become an iOS 7 Mail power user. How to fix Apple Mail by rebuilding and reindexing the Mailbox. OS X: 7 handy Mail tips for Mac users.

    OS X Mavericks: 4 speed secrets. Things to know: Once you archive your emails they won't be available on any of your Macs or devices -- they will only "live" inside your archive mailbox. This also makes it essential you backup your Mac, so you won't lose these messages if disaster strikes. Or you can archive messages, which keeps them in Mail and still accessible in the All Mail mailbox. A better way is to use Mail's Export Mailbox feature. Full disclosure: using this feature requires a bit of upfront work on your work. That is, you'll need to create mailboxes for groups of messages.

    If you do, however, you can then export your mailboxes, which creates an.

    Find Archived eMails & Move Them Back to the Inbox in iOS

    First, let's back up. Your mailboxes show up in the left sidebar of the Mail window. You can drag and drop messages to your mailboxes, which removes them from your Inbox in the process. So already, you are gaining some semblance of control over your Inbox.

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    Alternatively, you can right-click on the mailbox in the sidebar and choose Export Mailbox. Next, choose a destination for the.

    Note: if you export the same Mailbox after it fills up again with messages, Mail does not overwrite the first exported. Now, exporting a mailbox does not clear out its contents. After exporting, if you then want to get rid of a mailbox's messages, you will need to delete the mailbox or, if you want to keep the mailbox but not its messages, you will need to move all of its messages to Mail's trash. Should you want to look at messages you previously exported, you can import them back to Mail or another email app; the.

    Next, choose Apple Mail from the Import window and click Continue.