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Apply a template to an existing presentation. Expand your Office skills.

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Applying a Theme to Selected Slides in a Presentation

How can we improve it? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support. And are they big live presentations TED talk style or are they printed presentations or more like board room meeting presentations? Sometimes people say they need 1 template, but in reality, they need multiple templates.

A good template is a bit contradictory Here's why. It should not — and cannot — be everything and be everything to all people for all uses. At the same time, it needs to be flexible enough to give people a sense of ownership over the deck. I always recommend that people train the end-user of the template in how to use it.

A simple webinar demonstrating what to do and what not to do can help ensure that people not only follow the template guidelines but also feel more empowered with this tool. In addition to that, I recommend putting thorough instructions and notes directly inside the template to ensure that the guidelines are crystal clear and visible each and every time someone opens the template to use it.

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Next, I take a piece of paper and a pen and I sketch out the general layout that I want the presentation to have. Answering these kinds of questions will help you draft out some layout ideas and come up with a structure for your slides. If you need inspiration, there are many places you can look in your everyday life, from magazine ads, to movie posters, and even twitter images. For slide-specific ideas, I would go to slide sharing sites and the websites of presentation gurus. Also, check out Information Is Beautiful for ideas on data visualization and infographics; and DesignIsHistory for examples of graphic design through the ages.

There are many individual elements that need to me formatted in a template. Here are all the elements you can and should set:. To see how to do that, check out our templates tips and tricks article here. If you want to start a placeholder without a bullet point but have bullet points pop up for the sub-levels, you need to use the List Level commands. To see how to do that in your template, read our article here.

Now each company, situation, presentation, and even speaker is different. But I can show you how I would set up mine video pending. Why reinvent the wheel? To avoid making all those costly template mistakes at the outside, consider learning from the pros who do this for a living. They walk through virtually every detail of what goes into building, editing, and sharing a PowerPoint template, as well as solutions to some quirky issues that may come up in the process.

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  • Apply a template to a new presentation?
  • To help you build your own custom template faster, Camille created the 3-part series where you can watch over her shoulder as she builds a temple from scratch. Watch part 2 below, working with your PowerPoint placeholders.

    Creating 16:9 Slide Template PowerPoint 2011 Mac

    But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The main problem with free PowerPoint templates is they are not real templates.

    How to Copy a PowerPoint Design Template to Another Presentation

    They are what we call fake templates. Before you buy a PowerPoint template, keep in mind what I discussed above about fake templates. If you have a large organization and need a new corporate template, I would seriously consider hiring a professional I recommend Echo Swinford and Julie Terberg to build one for you. Getting an expert to build your template and train your team can be invaluable. This is especially worthwhile if your organization uses PowerPoint heavily and brand consistency is important to you.

    Using a PowerPoint template is simple. Open PowerPoint up and in the start menu, you should see your custom template there among the other default Office templates. Note: Custom templates should be at the very top, but if you're not finding yours, you can use the search box to look for your custom built template.

    Quickly copy a design theme from one PowerPoint presentation to another – The Productivity Hub

    Once you find your custom template, click it and PowerPoint will start a new presentation with that template. You can edit the slides and create your presentation based on this template, and then save it rename it if you wish as a. Find your template file and double-click it to open it in PowerPoint. A new blank presentation will start, based on that template. But wait! The key thing here, is to know your users.

    How are people going to use your template and what are they likely to stumble on? What mistakes will they make that are likely to throw a wrench in the whole template? Figuring out what gets people stuck is a critical element of making a template that will actually work. The goal of the user instructions and sample slide deck is to explain and show to people the proper usage of the template.

    The key here is to spell out everything very clearly. The key here is to make a slide or two for each layout, with multiple variations with picture, without picture, etc. Recommendation: Make as many generic types of slides as you can think that your users will need. If they use a of of "Our Company" or "Thank You" slides, make those.

    That will be helpful to them, and will ensure that they know they have something they can pull from that's matched to the template already. You won't be able to hold their hand as they use the template, but giving them these instructions and sample slides should help them get a leg up on the process. I also recommend walking them through the user instructions and notes to ensure that the guidelines are crystal clear to them.